Welcome to Exceptional Advocacy

Welcome to Exceptional Advocacy

Welcome to Exceptional AdvocacyWelcome to Exceptional AdvocacyWelcome to Exceptional Advocacy

Skilled, experienced special education and IEP advocacy services for your child 

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One thing's for sure--nothing stays the same here for long. We've got new special education seminars on a variety of topics, IEP advocacy tips, service offerings and more. From 504 plans to IEPs, Exceptional Advocacy has you covered. 


Exceptional Advocacy's track record in achieving great outcomes for students with disabilities speaks for itself, but read what people are saying anyway!  


There is nothing more precious to a parent than their child. At Exceptional Advocacy, we take our responsibility to families very seriously. Nothing speaks more strongly to our commitment and our work than the words of those we serve. Here are just a few. References are always available. 

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